I paint abstracted images of architecture and the landscape. For the past seven years, I have focused on the Rio Grande. This is a river I know well from growing up in Albuquerque; its presence or absence was seen through a mostly dry riverbed. I aim to evoke the colors of the desert using reds, ochers, and grays, adding sand and plaster to the paint for a dry, textured surface.
I have been interested in the flow of water for many years.  My earlier work on the Charles River was an exploration of invasive species and the tension between the natural environment and the man-made. Now in this time of climate change with mega-droughts and floods I think again of the water and canyons of the desert.
I got my BFA from the University of New Mexico and my MFA in painting from Yale University.  I taught painting and drawing for 26 years at Wheaton College, where I am now a faculty emerita. I recently joined the Bromfield Gallery in Boston, and I am a former member of the Bowery Gallery in NYC. I live in Newton, MA with my husband, daughter, and a bull terrier.